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4TH Anniversary

Another extremely fast year has gone by. I honestly can’t believe Carbon Beauty is 4 years old. My little salon 🙈 Its days like this I sit back and think wow look at how much it’s grown. I have great inspiration from my wonderful grandparents, thinking about them really gives me the push to keep doing what I love. I have an amazing support system behind me, if it wasn’t for them I definitely would have gone insane by now. 😂. I cant thank Kiara enough for all her hard work and passion for what she does. She is such a star… Lastly all our lovely clients, they make the bad days good, and the good days great! Its all down to you all that that we have made it this far. I honestly can’t thank you all. Here’s to another 400 years…… and a couple of bottles of wine.. 😅😅😅


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