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Hello everyone… 
Well this is all very exciting. With the date being announced yesterday there is some new safety and booking procedures which I will leave below. 
On Monday the 29th I will be in the salon doing patch tests and limited appointments. (times to be confirmed)  That week (week of the 29th) the salon will be open Monday to Thursday. The following week we plan on being back to our regular hours. (Tuesday to Saturday)  Appointments will be staggered to try and make sure people aren’t coming in and out at the same time.
There is a few more changes also I have removed some treatments and some new ones will be added

Please find some of our new policies below.
•Non refundable deposits will be taking prior to your appointment
•Consultation will either to send via email or signed on the day of your appointment
• If you haven’t been re patched tested within 24/48 hours of your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled. 
• Please on time no early or late as we want to try and ensure people aren’t coming and going at the same time. We will ring you or text you when we are ready and the previous client has left. 
• We have hand sanitising station at the door sanitise you’re hands before entering the salon.
• Masks are now compulsory. Please source your own masks, if you don’t have one I have some but there will be a charge. 
•For the foreseeable we can’t have any kids in the salon
• Please come to your appointment on your own. I know some of you like to come with a friend but unfortunately for safety and having the number of people on the salon down we advise you to come on your own. 
•For the foreseeable we will not be offering tea/coffee. 

I’ll be making my way through the booking list. Please be patient I will get to you as soon as possible. ️If you are not on the list please text us on 0894114480 or mail us on Facebook ONLY. We do NOT take appointments Through Instagram or any other form of social media. ⚠️The booking list will be closed on Monday evening until I get through our current list. As soon as I get through it I will post up that the booking list is back open. 

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